Thailand Travels: The Grand Finale

So, the last time we spoke you probably thought we had moved past Thailand as we had gone to Cambodia. Well, my dear readers you are quite mistaken. After our visit in Cambodia had concluded, it was time to return back to The Land of Smiles. Our next stop on the Thailand tour: Phuket.

Now here’s the thing, if you’re headed to Phuket during the New Years, take my advice and stay near Patong Beach or Karon Beach. The reason being is if you choose to stay in Phuket town, it will be very, I mean very deserted as it almost altogether shuts down for the holidays. That being said, just because you shouldn’t stay there does not mean you shouldn’t visit it. For those with children out there, this one is for you. The town is not only decorated in colourful buildings, unique graffiti art, but is also the home the Phuket Trickeye Museum, perfect for the kiddies. The museum is filled with optical illusions and is a perfect way to tire out rambunctious children. After the museum, its time for the adults to relax. Check out the China Inn Cafe for a cute garden oasis with delicious food at great prices. In short, Phuket Town is the perfect relaxing start to your stay in Phuket. After Phuket Town, head on over to the Phi Phi Islands for an island paradise before finishing off your stay near Karon or Patong beach.

Phi Phi Islands

And so, the next day, we headed towards the docks and boarded a boat to the Phi Phi Islands. This group of islands is truly a backpacker’s paradise. The small island is full of stalls selling scuba lessons and on the dock there are several boats to be rented to check out the famous Maya Bay (from the movie “The Beach), Monkey Beach, and Viking Caves (you pass by the caves, no cave exploration here ) and finish off the day with some snorkeling. And so, on the first day that is exactly what we did. After deep frying ourselves in the sun it was time to go on this boat tour to check out these sites. I’m going to be real honest, in that if you aren’t a fan of the movie The Beach, Maya Bay is going to look about as interesting as any other beach. Furthermore, please note going to Monkey Beach does not guarantee you will monkeys. Shocking, eh ? That said, if you are still determined to see the monkeys there are many people who have seen them. Unfortunately, myself as well as another unfortunate soul I met on my travels, were not so lucky. And so, my advice to you is this. If you are anything like myself, skip the Maya Bay and Monkey Beach tour and just enjoy the beach on the Phi Phi Don. Participate in some of the underwater activities such as the scuba diving and I assure you will not be disappointed. In addition to the multitude of water sports, the island is full of small stalls to buy cute trinkets and delicious food. Want to know a good place for drinks and appetizers ? Check out “The Beach Bar” , the bar is decked out is glow graffiti art and offers board games while you eat. Quesadillas and Jenga , together ?! Anyone who knows me, knows that place was practically made for me. Furthermore, a trip to Phi Phi would not be complete without checking out the viewpoint.

I should warn you that to reach this viewpoint, it requires quite a bit of physical fitness. As someone who works out casually, it was still an arduous trek but the view…. worth every moment of suffering.From the top, the whole island spreads out before you, pristine greenery enveloping the beautiful shimmering aqua waters. It was this moment I enjoyed the most during my visit to the islands and I was glad we had stayed the extra few hours to have time to do. Monkeys or no monkeys, Phi Phi was breathtaking.

Phi Phi viewpoint

Return to Phuket – Patong Beach

After enjoying the island paradise, it was time to return back to Phuket where we could spend the remainder of our trip. For those who are looking to party, Patong Beach is the place to a be. However, be forewarned that partying here is no joke and it is an all in event. Thus, for those with children I recommend staying near Karon Beach which not only is a much cleaner beach but a quieter one. Whatever lifestyle you live, Phuket has got you covered.

Now before we conclude this journey, it would be an injustice to not mention my trip aboard Simba Sea Trips. This was an all day boat adventure in which we visited coves, allowed for snorkeling, canoeing, cave exploration, a visit to Phang Na Bay (James Bond island), and lastly a visit to Koh Panyi ( a fishing village built on the water). Out of all my adventures in Thailand, this and my time at the elephant sanctuary were in a close tie with one another. Whereas cities like Phuket have lost alot of authenticity due to becoming a large tourist hub, especially the area around Patong beach, Koh Panyi was there to bring an authentic experience back. A village isolated from everyone else, it thrives on its on ingenuity and fishing and what struck me as fascinating was whereas many parts of Thailand practice Buddhism, Koh Panyi was majority Muslim.The biggest sign of their ingenuity is the village itself built on water and a floating soccer stadium (you heard that right). After being immersed in a tourist hub for a few days, Koh Panyi was the perfect experience to get back to basics. In addition to this, the tour included a canoeing trip which allowed us to be immersed with nature, the only noise around us, the sound of paddles wading through the water. This day trip away from Phuket was the perfect way to end our trip and a day I will never forget.The people in charge of the tour exceeded all expectations and left me with nothing but fond memories.

Final Thoughts

My final day with Simba Sea Trips was the perfect way to end my long arduous journey through Asia. During my time in this great continent, I learned so much not only about its inhabitants but myself as well. China taught me to appreciate the incredible differences between cultures and taught me to do my part to help eliminate these barriers even at the expense of being uncomfortable with speaking my second language. It taught me to be open to new things and foods, and allowed me to experience the joy in rising early and enjoying time just being present. In Thailand, I learned to fall in love with life again and immerse myself in another culture’s celebrations and religious beliefs. Thailand also taught me to take a moment to appreciate everything in life and the beauty around you and I fell in love with its landscapes. And lastly, Cambodia. Being in a country that less than half a century ago was torn apart by massacres and seeing their resilience, taught me to evaluate my own problems in my life and recognize the things I have the power to change and the things I cannot and to keep a positive outlook even in the face of adversity . It was a life-changing experience and a trip I will cherish forever.

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