Costa Rican Adventures: Part Three

Day 10 

Welcome back! It’s been quite a journey so far. From zip-lining to rappelling, from hiking to horseback riding, and finally from swimming in waterfalls to lounging in hot springs, our time in Costa Rica was nothing short of exciting. And so, it was time to change the tempo. Our next stop would slow down our pace and let us take a moment to breathe and enjoy taking in the nature around us. Next stop: Sarapiqui. Now, my advice to you is that if you are going to visit Sarapiqui, make it a one day trip. The reason that I say this, is despite being incredibly beautiful, due to it being secluded there was also very little to do that we hadn’t already done. That being said, to dismiss this place altogether would be a shame. So here’s what we did and how you can make the best of your time in Sarapiqui.

When we arrived to the lodge Mirador Prendas and settled in, we decided to take a walk around the property and go down one of its many trails. While walking down the trail we encountered grazing cows and goats, streams running behind the property, as well as a small waterfall.  It had been awhile since we kicked back and relaxed and so this was a much needed stop on our vacation. As we walked, we took in the trickling sound of water by the stream, the buzzing of insects, and the beautiful fresh air as the clearing was surrounded by forest. We had been offered complimentary afternoon coffee and after a brief moment enjoying the scenery, we walked back up to the lodge for our delicious treat.

After returning back to our accommodation and revitalizing our spirits with some delicious coffee, one of the owners of the lodge, Jane offered to take us on another adventure. One of my favourite moments on this walk; the howler monkeys. Whereas, we had yet to hear them in the previous cities probably due to human activity. Here, in isolation, their loud howls echoed through the clearings. For those who don’t know, howler monkeys are considered the loudest land animals in the world and my god did they lived up to their reputation. Not only were we able to hear them, but as we walked with Jane she pointed them out high in the trees and we were able to witness baby howler monkeys and an alpha male above us. As we continued our walk, Jane pointed out different plants and trees on the property and the fruits they beared. We passed by coffee plants, starfruit trees, cas trees, and guaba trees and she even let us pick some to eat. After this, Jane proceeded to take us to a treehouse on the property and as we opened up the doors, birds stirred and flew out of the windows of the cabin. It truly was like those scenes in the movies where someone visits an abandoned cabin and bats begin to fly about, only in our adventure it was only birds. We were like explorers discovering abandoned places and I was all for it!

After this, we slowly began to make our way back to our accommodations to clean up and get ready for dinner. That night, we sat in the open dining hall and ate our dinner. As I previously mentioned, it is always the little things that I appreciate the most on vacation. And so, as we sat there chattering away with with the noise of the television lulling in the background broadcasting some documentary, I was at peace. Eventually,  after conversing for some time and finishing up our dinner, we decided to call it a day. The next day proving to be more adventurous for my companions.

Day 11

The next morning, we woke up and ate breakfast at the lodge and proceeded to watch the birds from terrace. From our seats, we watched toucans flying by and even witnessed a woodpecker pecking away at a wooden post. Coming from a big city, experiences like these are few and far between and so it was great to just take a moment and enjoy what was right in front of us. After this, I opted to stay on the premises while my friend’s friends decided to go a horseback ride through another trail at the lodge and cross over into the national park that was situated directly behind us. My body was beginning to feel the strain of the activity and so while everyone went off on their adventures, I took a moment to just kick back, relax, and enjoy some music. Oh yea, and hang out with the spiders. Seriously, the lodge had a little section dedicated for the spiders to make base with the logic behind it being they are natural predators and kill the real pests. To all my  arachnophobes out, good luck friends. For those who aren’t a fan of them but aren’t terrified like myself, you’ll be alright and honestly the little section was pretty neat.

As mentioned, while I spent the day chilling out my friends opted to do the horseback ride tour and according to them they had a phenomenal time, thus this is definitely a great optional activity to do on your day at Sarapiqui. Furthermore, if you want to get off the property, as I have previously stressed make sure you have a sturdy 4WD and head on over to Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo to experience the forest to the fullest.

In short, I would definitely recommend Sarapiqui for one night as the nature you experience is unbeatable and it is the perfect way to wind down especially if you are doing action packed adventures like we were. I would also highly recommend Mirador Prendas as Jane went above and beyond to make sure our experience was memorable. She did not have to go through all the trouble of taking us on walks through the property and offering motorcycle rides to my friend and myself, and yet she did with ease. If I were to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, it would definitely be at Mirador Prendas. I will gladly accept a few spiders for that kind of hospitality.

Later that evening after my friends had returned and my back no longer felt like someone had run over it with a truck, we concluded our evening with playing foosball and pool.  This was our last night in Sarapiqui and it couldn’t have been spent any better way.

Day 12

The next day we woke up bright and early and continued our journey.  Next stop: Puerto Viejo. Just before we made it, we stopped in Cahuita to visit the Sloth Sanctuary.  Here we were taken on a one hour tour. It was evident that the workers here genuinely cared about the sloths, and they went in detail about  the basic biological characteristics of sloths and behaviours. After this, we were taken on a canoe ride for approximately another hour in the hopes of seeing wild sloths in the trees as well as other animals including monkeys, lizards, turtles, fish etc. The porters were great, as they scanned the surrounding nature and made stops to point out animals and allow for people to appreciate them and take photos. It was a good tour, but my advice to you is if you are in the area for a few days, don’t forget to check out Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo as well which has a plethora of different wildlife and which I will delve into later.

After the Sloth Sanctuary, we spent the rest of the day lounging at one of the beaches in Puerto Viejo. The beaches around Puerto Viejo are known for surfing, so get your board and hit the water. It was a chill day for us and while the weather did not hold up for us as it was quite cloudy it was a good beach day nonetheless. That being said, I do want to express that while I really did enjoy seeing the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and how it varied from the Pacific side, I have to readily admit that Puerto Viejo was not my favourite city on this trip. In contrast to the other cities (excluding San Jose), I found the city to be much too overcrowded with tourists and as a result I felt the town to be more polluted than the other towns we visited. Not only this but whereas I felt safe in the other towns, Puerto Viejo did leave me uneasy in regards to safety. Police presence was everywhere guarding the streets and rather than reassuring me it only served to cause alarm. That being said, I don’t think you should run in terror simply because of this but rather exercise precaution. During the day I felt comfortable in Puerto Viejo, but it was the nights that left me uneasy. So be mindful of your stuff, travel light, and don’t walk home alone.  Would I visit Puerto Viejo again? Yes. But I would most likely consider staying in a neighboring town and ensure I don’t stay out after dark.

Day 13

As I mentioned earlier, if you have time the Jaguar Rescue Center is a must during your visit to Puerto Viejo. In contrast to the sloth sanctuary, this sanctuary works to rehabilitate and release a variety of different animals, including sloths. As a result, you sloths, various monkeys, an ocelot, a margay, crocodiles, deers, etc. Our guide, Carlotta was absolutely fantastic and as she spoke about the animals on the premises it was evident she was incredibly passionate in her work.  Carlotta talked about the success of releasing animals, told us a funny story about one female monkey giving birth directly on the table the founder was having breakfast on, and told us about the few permanent residents on the property and the measures they took to ensure they were comfortable there. The process for release was explained and it was great to hear the stories of previous releases and the volunteers affection for these animals as they teared up when it came time to do so. It was great to hear the background story of how the sanctuary came to be and made the tour that much engaging. The tour was worth every penny and I would definitely visit the Jaguar Rescue Center if I ever find myself back in Puerto Viejo. Also, due to the center being largely made up of volunteers, make sure to tip generously! These volunteers are depending on it for their income.

After our tour, we returned home and got ready to head to Cahuita National Park which is known for its beautiful coral reefs and abundance of nature. However, our plans were thwarted upon arrival as a storm was approaching and so snorkeling and seeing the coral reefs were a no go.  Despite this setback, we made the most of our time and went on a walk down one of trails in the park. The experience very reminiscent to our walk through Manuel Antonio more than a week before.  Here we were able to see capuchin monkeys, ant nests (watch your steps), various flora, as well as your common raccoon. After walking down the trail, we eventually settled on a spot on the beach and spent some time enjoying the water. Sure the weather wasn’t perfect, but perfect company made for a fantastic day. Our journey in Costa Rica was coming to an end and it had been a great one.

Day 14

Our last day in Costa Rica consisted of driving back to San Jose and looking for food and small gifts before returning home. Thus, it was more of a time to just reflect than anything else. Costa Rica had exceeded all expectations. This impromptu trip had become one of my favourite trips so far and something I desperately needed. It taught me to appreciate the little things in life. To appreciate things such as the sound of a city as it citizens begins to wake up in the morning. The sound of a bicycle crunching the gravel beneath its wheels, the sound of children laughing, waves hitting the shore, monkeys howling in the trees, and the sounds of insects buzzing about. Costa Rica is a country that has so much to offer and its people make it all the better. In the face of adversity that many of the Ticos face, there was still so much joy to be seen and so much love to be felt. So thank you Costa Rica for being the vacation I needed and reminding me to keep my head up high during times of adversity.


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