For all you like minded folks with a love for travel and a passion for adventure, look no further, for you come to the right place. My name is Carolina and I am the author of Passports & Pyjamas.

The blog name arose out of a love for sleeping and a love for dressing way too casual.  I never imagined my life would become what it is now. I grew up with a strict Latina mom who required me to answer a million questions before she even considered letting me go out. However, in one quick instant all of this changed. As I sat in one of my university lectures, an opportunity arose. I was informed about the opportunity to study in England for an entire month and obtain university credit while there. The last few months had proven to be an incredibly challenging period of time for my entire family, and this opportunity was the escape I desperately needed. It was this trip which helped me find my independence, broke me out of my shell, and made me realize how beautiful the world is around us.

Ever since then I have traveled to numerous countries learning about their customs, enjoying their cuisine, and connecting with people from all over the world.  My hope for this blog is to inspire you with my own experiences, while providing tips and tricks to help make your next holiday great! With so much racial conflict in the world, I want to celebrate our diversity and how we can all benefit from just listening to one another. We were not born with hatred in our hearts, and it’s time to go back to that simpler time.

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