Return to Scotland: Part Five

As the crisp morning air awakened our tired bodies, we headed on over to plant some trees for a charity called Trees for Life. When Scotland was initially being settled, much of the woodland was cleared out to make room for settlement. While Scotland is a place full of greenery, one thing that is missing from the beautiful rolling green hills are tall, hovering trees. Scotland is now looking to restore the forest that was once cleared through initiatives such as these. After hearing a passionate speech by the operations manager, Doug Gilbert about the work at the tree nursery in Dundreggan, we got our hands dirty and planted a couple of trees for the cause. It was great to hear Doug talk and his passion for the cause was evident. Want to do some good while in Scotland? Check out Trees for Life.

Photo of me with the freshly planted tree in Dundreggan

After Dundreggan, we went to Culloden Battlefield to learn about the war between the British and the Jacobites in Scotland. The battle was a deadly one with over 1,500 Jacobite deaths. As we went through the museum, we learned about the battle, the aftermath of the battle, and the reasoning behind it. It was after this battle, that the Highlands became the last part of Scotland to be incorporated into the British empire.


The Fifth and Final Day

Town of Pitlochry

The last day was spent visiting small waterfalls, hanging out in the charming town of Pitlochry, and walking as a group down the Forth Road Bridge. It was a time to absorb everything we had experienced during the week from the stories of Nessie, planting trees, eating haggis, and learning about the mythical kelpies. As we arrived in the small town of Pitlochry, one of my tour mates and I took a moment to visit a gorgeous tea room called Hettie’s Tea Rooms. If you’re in Pitlochry, I recommend checking out this absolutely adorable place with its colourful decor, beautiful artwork, and delicious pastries and teas.

Hettie’s Tearooms Menu

After Hettie’s, we headed back on our bus towards Edinburgh but not before stopping at the Forth Road Bridge where we walked as a big group down the long pedestrian and cycling bridge. It was literally like crossing a finish line and as we walked, there were a bunch of locks with the names of couples chained to the fence. It was sweet and a nice way to end the beautiful adventure we had embarked on. My journey had come to an end, but yours is just beginning. So go ahead…give Scotland a try! For a country that is so chilly, it truly knows how to warm the soul.

Locks on Forth Road Bridge

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