First Post- Carolina’s Travels

I have been contemplating creating a travel blog for quite some time now. In doing so, I merge my two loves: writing and travelling.

My love for travel was ignited in June 2014. It was my first time travelling without my parents and I was headed to the United Kingdom.

It was during this trip I learned more about myself and began to grow into the person I am today. I do not travel simply to cross off countries on a list. Rather I travel to embrace the diversity in the world and appreciate the beauty of different cultures and landscapes. My travels have made me become more understanding, outgoing, patient and humble. It has helped me better understand my own cultural identity and appreciate the differences and similarities between cultures.

In creating this blog, I hope to share the memories that have stuck with me and changed the way I see the world and others. I hope to inspire you to get out and explore the world. This blog is more than a medium to tell my story. There is so much pain and destruction in this world, we often forget there is so much joy as well. I hope to remind you that there is so much good in this world even when things look bleak.

Author: Passports and Pyjamas

The adventures of a sleepy globetrotter.

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